Locally grown.

A highly creative ad might be considered a great ad - but in reality, it's only as good as the page number or program it appears in, at a price that most cost effectively reaches the largest target audience possible. Add the special media requirements that regionally focused clients often have, and the equation becomes an even more interesting one.

As Regional Reach Advertising is part of regional Australia ourselves, we have ground level experience and effective working relationships in this arena which cannot be equalled by any metropolitan agency.

That's why Regional Reach Advertising sources all our media direct, as our "local" strength, expertise and knowledge of regional Australia gives us a serious head-start over any city based counterpart.

Most importantly, being one of Australia's larger regional advertisers allows us access to the lowest available "agency" rates, and therefore the best possible rate for our clients.

And, as strategic planning is an equally fundamental part of the media process, Regional Reach Advertising accesses the latest syndicated media research and, where applicable, uses it to inform and enhance our media planning.